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Set in a semi-apocalyptic world after a disaster caused by an energy crisis, Red Forest is a highly customisable Anti-Gravity racer with elements of Wipeout, F-Zero, Trackmania and Rollcage. With a base background story but no plot to speak of, it will encompass the usual racing elements as well as combat modes and track creation.


By the late 21st Century, the supply of fossil fuels was non-existent. Governments and Global agencies struggled with alternative green fuels, but with little effect. The ever expanding population and increasing energy demand outstripped the supply of green fuels. Desperate measures were undertaken. After extensive research into unstable chemical reactions, Red Fuel was created. A highly volatile chemical combustion with unfathomable energy output, it was developed by an international task force and introduced rapidly throughout the globe. Sceptics believed that a disaster was inevitable. They were right. One spark sent a shockwave throughout the Red Fuel distribution network, leading to a chain of mushroom clouds and a fallout effect many times greater than any nuclear disaster experienced by Mankind.

huge areas of the planet were uninhabitable, choked by the fumes left after the explosion. Under the barrage of chemicals released in the explosions, the ozone layer underwent a rapid change, tinting the sky red and raining down harmful rays from the Sun and other stellar bodies. Safe zones were set up and the affected areas were abandoned, their soil a memorial to the billions that had died.

But times change.

Still restricted in their energy production, the remaining societies of the world lacked entertainment. Rioting and looting were commonplace, with the technology of the old world being the most sought after objects. Like a caveman fashioning a club out of a tree branch, new pieces of technology began to emerge. People brave enough to go into the still dangerous ‘red forests’ collected enough materials to create basic vehicles. An underground racing culture emerged and over time attracted larger and larger crowds. Eager to placate their restless denizens, the rulers of the shattered societies organised tournaments, setting up protected viewing zones and distributing their energy so that certain high priority races could be televised in the ramshackle public squares that had emerged after the disaster. The memorial grounds of the ‘Red Fuel Catastrophe’ became the arenas of the ‘Red Forest Tournaments’.

Some would enter as slaves, fighting for their freedom or just to survive to the next week, others would enter to prove their worth in a challenge of skill, yet others entered to satisfy their own lust for destruction. Not all entrants could have their motives so easily defined…



That said- it's playable and fun. There are four ships, ten procedural tracks (all very similar for the moment- more track prefabs are in the works!)

The aim is simple: Use weapons and turbo boosts to reach the finish before any other racer. Each win earns you upgrade points useful to upgrade your ships.

This build provides upgrade points from the start, so you can experience the feel of the tweaked ships.

Known bugs at this early stage:

Collisions are over-active: Clipping the track edge or another ship may knock you too hard- in the future this is to be fixed so that clipping the track edge does not rotate you as much. A side effect of this is that your pod might take a while to reset after a nasty collision.

Generated tracks are similar: At the moment the track generator only has a handful of different prefabs resulting in rather similar output. More prefabs are being worked on.

Probably loads more at the moment.

Please report any difficulties- even if it's just something you don't like. I want to make this the game that you enjoy playing too!